VSS - engineering company

VSS - engineering company was established by a private enterpreneur in 1994. In 2001 this company changed into VSS-engineering company, L.t.d. and nowadays it has been on market for 12 years.

During this period it gained a very quality experience in the field of engineering production, mainly in electrode holder producing. Our products have been testing and improving its resistance and durability.

VSS company is aimed not only at electrode holders production, but also at consulting in this branch. We provide some advice in the matter of fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials.

Holder of molybdenum (Mo) electrode is used for melting glass in glass furnace or glass tubs. If the glass furnace is heatened by electric current, we talk about electric melting.

If the glass tub is heatened by gas (gas oven), there is a possibility to increase an output by adding heating molybdenum electrode to melting part of the tub. Then we talk about electric boosting.

Melting electrod (molybden´s melting point is 2610 °C, which is 4730 F) is situated in melting part of tub, exactly in vertical or horizontal position. Holder´s head consists of nickel-alloy Nimonic Inconel which includes 80 % of nickel (Ni).

If the electrode goes top-down through unmelted charge (glass cover) we talk about a TOP electrode.

In case of some request, do not hesitate and contact us.